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Graphite Crucibles

Graphite Crucibles

Product Information

These are used by refiners  and jewelers around the world. They will withstand temperatures of 2912* F, and most kilns operate at 2100*F.

These are used for melting small amounts of gold, silver, or platinum... They have a capacity of 1/2 ounce.

They are used universally world wide by ALL reputable Jewelers.

These are made exclusively for Goldco Mining!

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You will receive three (3).

These are called jewelers crucibles and are made of graphite to withstand high temps.



These crucibles are approx. 2 inches tall and 1 inch across

These will not be in the tube shown, but will be carefully packed for you!

Price includes shipping


Price: $26.99 $21.95

Product Code: 005 Gr. Cruc.
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