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Amalgamite 982

Amalgamite 982

Product Information

Amalgamite is an award winning invention!



This auction is for 2 pounds!

AMALGAMITE 982 is a new product and process for recovering your gold
and other precious metals from gold scrap, as well as black sand concentrates.

For fingers, pins, crushed cpu's, and any other plated material, just melt your amalgamite 982
in a cast iron skillet or pot, and add the scrap..
Stir a while and watch the gold disapear from the scrap,
and leave the plastic, copper, brass and all other trash floating on top,
to be scooped off and thrown away.

This process is non toxic and can be done in the kitchen on the stove...

Warning however, I suggest you do anything with resin, such as fingers,
or pc board material outside or under a ventilation hood (stove vent is fine),
as the resin will smoke, and that can be toxic in an unventilated area.

This material melts at approximately 520 degrees F, then acts like Mercury...
It will collect the precious metals, which then can be extracted from the amalgamite using the preocess called cuppellation... This is using cupels and heat!

This process is proven and is safe.

No more having to be a chemist to get your gold... No more toxic fumes. 

 No more big acid messes.

Full easy to follow instructions will be included with each purchase, and this is sold by the pound.
(the instructions change quite a bit from job to job, so if you need help, contact us at  .
This auction is for 2 pounds!

I use two pounds to work with.

If you spill the Amalgamite 982, it cools as soon as it spills, and you can just pick
it up and put it back into the pot to remelt, as all contaminants will float to the top and can be skimmed off!

For Black sand concentrates, the procedure is the same...
Put your cons in the melted Amalgamite, and stir it for a few minutes.

All of the gold, silver and PGM's will be sucked up into this sponge.


Brought to you by Goldco Mining and Refining
Making a difference in the recovery and refining world!

For more information:

Amalgamite is an award winning invention!

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Price: $80.00

Product Code: 002 Amalgamite
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